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M&M's Customer Kiosk System
Our Customer Kiosk system uses an iPad or the Genius Verifone device as a Customer Facing Display.
Implemented for V9, a set of plugins (for iPad or Genius) are used to interface with the iPad or Genius device.
The Customer Kiosk system is packed with functionalty.
The Customer Kiosk app for the iPad is downloaded from the Apple App Store (no charge).
See the Customer Kiosk series of plugins below!
For Retail Pro:
Customer Kiosk - Ask For Tip
Ask For Tips using the Customer Kiosk!
Customer Kiosk - Customer Information
Customer Information Identification, Capture and Verify using the Customer Kiosk.
Customer Kiosk - Customer Registration
Free-standing kiosk where customers can sign-in and enter or verify their information.
Customer Kiosk - Document Display
Document display with optional signature capture on the Customer Kiosk.
Customer Kiosk - Donation
Take donations using the Customer Kiosk. Full of features. Supports up to six charitable organizations.
Customer Kiosk - Signature Capture
Capture signatures on the Customer Kiosk!
FastBound FFL Interface
For V9 and Prism - Interface to FastBound Firearms Compliance Software.
Prism 2+ Customer CSV Tool
Prism 2+ Customer CSV Tool
Prism Inventory CSV Tool
Prism Inventory CSV Tool Prism v1 and v2. Uses a new subscription based license.
Prism Inventory Image Loader
Load inventory images into Prism from a CSV file. Similar to our V9 Inventory Image import tool.
Prism Inventory Item Grid Edit
Edit inventory items directly in a grid. Also update some style fields for entire styles.
Prism PK Reports App
An iOS app that displays Krunch Reports on the iPad or iPhone.
For V9 and Prism - Send SMS messages from Retail Pro or bulk SMS, MMS or emails using the SMSPro utility. Interfaces with ClickSend. For V9 and Prism!
V8 Email Documents
"Go Green" with our first "Green Retail" plugin!!! Email/Print Receipts and Email Sales Orders and Purchase Orders!
V8 Multi-Store Gift Card
A true multi-store gift card system with real-time authorization at Remotes. For V8 and V9. Licenses work with both versions. Replaces our Single-Store Gift Card solution.
V8 Rental Module
Here it is! The rental solution for Retail Pro 8-series (including 8.6).
V8 Replenishment TO/Slips
Generate Transfer Orders or Out Slips based on sales! The Replenishment Utility uses receipts to determine restock quantities for each store.
V8 Symbol Scanner Interface
Provides an interface from Retail Pro to the Symbol CS1504 portable scanner. Items from the scanner can be placed on any RPro document or exported to a text file.
V9 Customer CSV Tool
V9 Customer CSV Import/Export Utility
V9 Donation Round Up
Take donations by rounding receipts up to the next even dollar amount. Enter one or more charities. Report using Retail Pro sales reports.
V9 Email Documents
Email Receipts, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders for V9.
V9 Email Documents for Genius
Our Email Documents plugin that uses the Genius device to ask if the customer wants an emailed receipt.
V9 Employee CSV Tool
Import and export employees from/to a CSV file. Similar to our Inventory and Customer CSV Tools.
V9 Fingerprint Login
V9 Fingerprint Login Now for V9!!
V9 Flag Item Price Changes
Flag item price changes no matter the source. Primarily designed to simplify Tag Printing for price changes.
V9 Inventory CSV Multi Tool
The V9 Inventory CSV Tool. Imports and exports from/to CSV files. Includes Multi-Vendor fields and optional PO Import.
V9 Inventory Image Loader
Load inventory images from CSV files!!
V9 Item Numbers
Want those item numbers back in V9? Here's the mod you need!
V9 Scanner System
Physical inventory and item import scanner system using iPhone and iPod touch!! Verifies barcodes. Uploads scan files to the RPro system.
V9 Tax By Tax Table
Sales Tax by Tax Table.
V9 TeleCheck Authorization
Authorize checks with First Data/TeleCheck using Routing Number/Account Number or Driver's License info.
V9 Zoined Interface
Interface to Zoined for V9. Zoined is a sales analytics system. Visit
V9/V8 Constant Contact Interface
Retail Pro Constant Contact Interface. Create new Contact Lists in Constant Contact and add customers to lists based on a wide variety of customer data. For V8 and V9!!
V9/V8 Fingerprint Login
Use fingerprints for Retail Pro Login! Now for V9!!
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